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ESTILO is one of MAVA fan products that comes with remote control. Nowadays, Estilo is perfect for many people. A person who has difficulty getting around can use the remote control to alter the fan’s operation.  If you’re in the middle of chore and you want less air blowing around area, you can just set the fan to spin the amount of air you prefer without having to move at all.

ESTILO with 3 light selections (daylight, cool white and warm white) provide functional illumination. Warm white colour temperature for living room & bedrooms; accent and ambient lighting is the key to the living room. The living room is the recreation centre of your room where most of the time you watch a movie or just relax,

Estilo switch the environment of your room into relaxing mode. Daylight colour temperature for studies/office. The reading or studying room is best when fixed with ESTILO  when concentration is needed. The use of more light emanating gadgets like computer equally needs a balanced light system for your site safety. Cool white complements contemporary and modern decor as it casts a fresh, clear glow. It’s brighter and more focused; making it a popular choice for use in kitchen.

So, ESTILO is perfect for everyone.

Fan Width : 56 INCH
Number Of Blades : 5
Blade Materials : ACRYLIC (ABS)
Speed Available : 3
Timer : 1/2/4/8 HRS
Reverse : NO
Type Of Control : REMOTE (RF)
Type Of Motor : AC
Voltage : 240V / 50HZ
Wattage : 97 WATT
Light : YES

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