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Mava Lider contains of 5 ABS blades design which create a strong airflow and aid the circulation of cool air from air conditions.

This allows you to raise your thermostat, which means lowering your energy costs compare to air-conditioning.  LIDER has a high airflow of 10100 cubic feet per minute and it make you feel cooler because it's moving air over your skin, carrying the heat away from your body and present you a peaceful, comfortable breeze.  Lider is an energy star certified as efficiently as standards require, saving you money on utility bills.  Fan can be controlled using the included remote. 

Mava Lider is a good choice for most of the rooms in a home.

Fan Width : 56 INCH
Number Of Blades : 5
Blade Materials : ACRYLIC (ABS)
Speed Available : 4
Timer : 1/3/6 HRS
Reverse : NO
Type Of Control : REMOTE (RF)
Type Of Motor : AC
Voltage : 240V / 50HZ
Wattage : 95 WATT
Light : NO