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By using our DC ceiling fan ORTIS,  you don’t need a cooler room - just air movement.  Ortis keep the air flowing through your home, ensuring that the environment does not become stale.  At night,  Ortis will cool your bedroom, while in afternoon you’ll nap comfortably though the heat of the day.  And Ortis operates quietly and circulating air make sleeping so much nicer.

Ortis come with a reverse switch.  When the blades rotate clockwise, warm air that collects near the ceiling is redistributed thoughout the room.  You won’t feel any breeze in the reverse mode.  You’ll be able to set your thermostat lower, again saving energy and money.  Ortis has a high airflow of 8751.32 cubit feet per minute and make you feel cooler and comfortable.

Fan Width : 56 INCH
Number Of Blades : 5
Blade Materials : ACRYLIC (ABS)
Speed Available : 5
Timer : 1/3/6 HRS
Reverse : YES
Type Of Control : REMOTE (RF)
Type Of Motor : DC
Voltage : 240V / 50HZ
Wattage : 3W - 40 WATT
Light : NO