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MV40RC plays an important role in offering a cooling effect and increased ventilation at times. 

MV40RC come with remote control and wide selection off-timer function.  Five blades design to circulate the air present in the room at a high speed to create a cooling effect.  Natural Wind mode is another featuring that provide a natural breeze.

For small areas, the environment can feel stuffy and suffocating.   In these area, MV40RC can create an airy environment as they are small in size ad heavily effective.  Sometimes, it might not possible for you to have a ceiling fan or a cooling system in certain areas that are oddly cornered or difficult to reach.

MV40RC are small and fit perfectly well in any area.

Measurement : 16 INCH
Speed Available : 3
Blade : 5
Type Of Control : REMOTE CONTROL
Voltage : 240V / 50HZ
Wattage : 60 WATT